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Montana Premium Processing Cooperative is located in Havre, MT, "the Crown Jewel of the Hi-Line". Proudly serving our members and Montana livestock producers. After our first year of operation, we have processed Montana raised beef that our producers have distributed to Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and California!

We've been excited to see many of our producers working with Montana Public and Private Schools to get local Montana raised and processed beef on the menu for our next generations! With our USDA Certification we've been able to process beef that goes to local food banks, group homes, and retirement homes!

About Montana Premium Processing Co-op

A USDA Certified Meat Processing Cooperative

As a member-owned cooperative, Montana Premium Processing Co-op (MPPC) is a service based slaughter and processing facility for Montana ag producers. To become a member, the Montana rancher or farmer must show proof they are a producer. 

Montana Premium Processing Co-op Services

MPPC Membership

Montana Producers Owned

Beef Slaughter and Quartering

USDA Certified

Fee Based Service

Producers Retain VALUE of Livestock

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230 25th Ave W

Havre, MT 59501

(406) 400-2690

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