Who We Are

Montana Farmer's Union is an advocate for increasing Montana's meat processing capacity. MPPC was created out of MFU's work to develop a service-fee style processing plant tailored to the needs of Montana producers.


 MPPC will provide USDA certified live-to-package processing for cattle, hog, sheep, bison. 

Producer-controlled animal value chain.  Year round harvesting to simplify retail demand. 


Montana Premium Processing Co-op is meeting the needs of Montana producers and bolstering food security by supporting a hoof-to-plate business model for local ranchers.

A member-owned cooperative which means members have voting rights toward the Board of Directors. As members themselves, the elected Board of Directors provide oversight on the business and fee structures. Finally, ranchers determining costs to process their own livestock and not being dictated by conglomerates. 

Our goal is to provide Montana Producers an option to harvest and process their quality livestock in state with USDA certification for retail.  Our service fee based facility will offer the means, reliability, and quality to fulfill their customer's orders.


Location: Havre, MT. 


White Page Summary

A one-page PDF describing the MPPC concept is available for download and distribution.

Filing Documents

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