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Montana Premium Processing Cooperative (MPPC) is a Montana registered agriculture cooperative. There is a seven-person elected Board of Directors. As per the by-laws, all members are independent Montana producers. The facility is located in Havre, MT.

MPPC is a multi-species livestock processing facility that will be USDA certified (Establishment # M47533). At full capacity, the facility is designed to process 12-15 head of animals per day. 

Harvest slots will be awarded to members first. MPPC’s principal service is to provide local ranchers, with the intention to retail their own home-grown livestock, a reliable and consistent slaughter facility. Ranchers require reliable slaughter schedules to ensure supply for their customer base. 

MPPC is collaborating with Montana State University-Northern to develop a Meat Science Curriculum. The MPPC facility will operate as the laboratory / training site for students enrolled in the degree program. MPPC joined with MSU-N to address the lack of labor in the meat processing industry by offering collegiate meat sciences training and business courses. 

The primary goal of MPPC is to localize USDA certified meat processing in Montana to allow producers to retail a high quality product from their own ranch. Additionally, Montana has an approximately two-year wait for harvest slots due to lack of total in-state capacity. MPPC is expanding the capacity while allowing member-owners to have first rights to reservations to protect the product supply for their own retail businesses. 

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